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Crowded teeth are corrected to normal spacing with Invisalign. Dramatically changing the appearance of the face and making people look younger and healthier.

Invisalign Animated Alignment

What would you look like with a smile of straight teeth that complemented your face?  With Invisalign software, we design the end results before ever touching your teeth.  A computer generated image of you and an Invisalign corrected smile can show you your future smile.  In many cases, people actually look younger and healthier.

Invisalign is one of the most powerful ways for patients to gain a more youthful facial appearance.  As our teeth crowd and our skin tone diminishes, both side effects of aging, our lips and cheeks are not supported as they once were.

The Invisalign process is painless and often works to straighten crowded teeth by gently widening the dental arch form, lending support to the lips and cheeks.

Several different types of dental alignment and spacing are corrected with Invisalign.

Invisalign Before and After Corrections

Most patients comment that they don’t know why they did not start treatment sooner.  Many have lived with poorly aligned teeth, called a malocclusion, for years.  They never realized how easy it would be to straighten their crooked teeth with the clear aligners Invisalign and Clear Correct use.

In addition to looking great, straight teeth are usually healthier teeth.  When your teeth are crooked, they can be very hard to clean and floss and can harbor plaque. Eventually, this can lead to periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss.

Our patients talk about their Invisalign treatment and how it has affected their lives.

Patient K.S., age 38, says, “As you know, I am very happy with the results so far.  I was unsure of the process initially.  However, after the first month or so, things started to really progress pretty quickly.  Aside from some mild discomfort when putting in a new set of trays, the rest is easy.   I am truly amazed and pleased.”

Patient B. P., age 54, was a reluctant and skeptical patient at first when Dr. Cohen suggested she start Invisalign with him.  “My first thought was that everyone says I have a great smile so why would I go through months and months of treatment? What if it hurts? Why worry about straight teeth at my age? Now that I’m done, I can definitely see a more youthful face in the mirror!  My “smile lines” are gone. I also won’t have periodontal issues like my mother has. 

Patient L.P., age 42, says, “All I want to do is smile. My teeth have always been crowded, especially on the bottom. Dr. Cohen did Invisalign and whitening for me and for the first time I feel so confident with my overall appearance. And as far as being affordable, I just put 50% down when I started and paid at each visit.  So I had 10 months to pay my balance!”

Patient D.S., age 17, “I was so happy when Dr. Cohen told me I was a candidate for clear braces. The metal ones are gross, and most of the kids already had their braces off by senior year. I don’t have to worry that food is caught in my braces when I eat also!”

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