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Smile Makeovers – Achieving a Perfect Smile

A perfect smile

A perfect smile

Why is a smile attractive? Why is it so important? For the image-conscious, a great smile is an important part of being attractive. There are a number of Hollywood stars who’ve done everything they can to get the perfect smile. The term ‘Smile Makeover’ encompasses many different cosmetic dentistry smile design and correction techniques from the simplest teeth whitening procedures to the most advanced techniques such as teeth implants.

Perfect smiles of Hollywood

Tom Cruise’s smile that is almost as famous as the actor himself, but it wasn’t always that way. Early pictures of Tom Cruise show very miss-aligned teeth, suggesting that he had a considerable amount of cosmetic dentistry work carried out to correct his smile. More recently, his bite that became slightly miss-aligned and this was corrected by wearing braces.

Porcelain veneers appeared to have been placed on the front teeth of Hollywood star Miley Cyrus. It is believed, her small incisors could also have been covered with veneers to give them a longer look making them appear in line with the rest of her teeth.

Demi Moore is no stranger to cosmetic dentistry too. She is believed to have had a complete set of veneers as part of her smile makeover treatment.

Why a smile makes the difference

You may not be a Hollywood star or be anywhere near the cutthroat go-get-it world of modern business, but it still desirable to have a great teeth giving you the ability to smile with confidence.

So just what is a smile makeover? It is a set of dental and cosmetic procedures aimed at correcting a person’s smile. For each person, the treatment which is offered varies. Sometimes, you’ll need more than a single treatment plan. It could be as simple as tooth whitening or could get more complex, involving dental implants, for instance. Other procedures such as cosmetic bonding, gum contouring, veneers and crowns may also be part of a typical smile makeover.

Various treatments of a smile makeover 

Smile makeover treatments offer many possibilities.

  • Miss-aligned teeth can be straightened through conventional orthodontic treatment or more modern treatments such as Invisalign braces, which are barley noticeable when worn. A far quicker solution to the problem is to use porcelain veneers.
  • Broken or chipped teeth can also be corrected with porcelain crowns, veneers or cosmetic bonding.
  • Unattractively shaped gums can be rectified through laser gum contouring or other conventional surgical methods.
  • Gleaming, white teeth are also important to acquire a confidence inducing smile. Stained teeth can be made white again through whitening procedures such as prophyflex cleaning.
  • A missing tooth can be replaced with a denture, dental bridge or dental implant. This treatment can also be considered as conventional dentistry, because missing teeth could give you practical problems in addition to cosmetic issues.
  • Gaps between the teeth can seriously take the sheen off your smile. The gaps can be rectified through the use of porcelain veneers. The other solution is of course the orthodontic approach of moving the teeth closer.
  • There are also cosmetic procedures available. These can correct frown lines and smile lines to give the individual a more youthful appearance. Botox injections and other fillers are used.

Initial consultation for a smile makeover

One of the most important elements of a smile makeover is the initial consultation. In this process the dentist carefully analyzes the patient, examining the physical condition of the teeth and gums (vital for any dental procedure to ensure medical compatibility), taking photographs or using software such as Computer Aided Smile Design.

Computer Aided Smile Design can help redesign the patients’ teeth using specialized imaging software together with conventional photography to forecast how the smile would appear after the treatment. Some cosmetic Dentists also use Smile Style Guides showing examples of the possibilities of the various smile makeover treatments. Most importantly, patients can discuss their requirements and expectations with the dentist in depth.

Factors constituting smile makeover

Smile makeovers have many factors involved. It may be easy to smile, but the perfect smile is made up of many aspects such as color, shape, length and arrangement of the teeth, shape of the lips, skin tone, gum tissue and even facial appearance. A smile makeover therapy touches upon the elements that make the smile appear less than perfect. The types of treatment used also depend on the expectations of the individual. Sometimes all these elements may have to be addressed through dental as well as cosmetic procedures, while at other times any one area is dealt with.

Factors that affect your smile include inconsistent spacing and alignment between the teeth, uneven and cracked or chipped teeth, missing teeth and unshapely face, cheeks and lips.

Teeth whitening for brighter teeth

Teeth color is important too. While stained teeth are often caused by smoking, many people have teeth which appear stained by nature. In both cases teeth whitening treatments can make your teeth brighter, giving them the gleaming white shine. These treatments employ a whitening gel consisting partly of hydrogen peroxide. To prevent damage to the gums while using this whitening gel, the gums are protected by a shield before the gel is applied.

Sometimes, a laser is used by dentists to accentuate the gel’s bleaching properties. As a result, you’ll notice the difference after just a single session with your teeth appearing lighter by up to five shades. You don’t need to necessarily attend more sessions for further whitening, but molds of the teeth applied with a less powerful whitening gel can be used at home.

Gum contouring and composite bonding

For those whose teeth appear to be short due to excessive gum tissue, gum contouring treatment can help. This can be performed with the help of surgical laser or through traditional surgical techniques. Shorter teeth can also occur as a result of the aging process, causing gummy smile. Long teeth are always attractive and a sign of youthfulness. Smile makeover treatment centred on this problem can focuses primarily on lengthening the central two front teeth through porcelain veneers or composite bonding.

The material normally used for tooth fillings can also be used to restore teeth that are broken or chipped as part of a composite bonding treatment. The material, which has the colour of the tooth, is used to modify its shape or size.

Rectifying the smile line

The imaginary smile line that goes through the upper teeth edges from left to right (or vice versa) may not sound like much but can make a vital difference to how a smile appears. The so-called perfect line is the one whose curve is similar to the contour of the lower lip whilst smiling, making the smile line is an important factor in a beautiful smile. The smile line can be corrected with the use of gum contouring or composite veneers.

These varied elements of a smile makeover treatment are the secret behind the smile of many a celebrity. These dental and cosmetic treatments are now easily accessible to many, making the perfect smile not a distant dream anymore.

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